Monday, March 26, 2012


welcome 2012
although is a bit late to welcome 2012 at March but it's not too late to welcome April 2012

time flies and it wait no one
everybody is grow one year older which means baobaos' friendship is one year stronger!
say HOORRAY!!! yeah, man sui, wan shui, thousand years hahaha

Wondering is there anyone reading our group's blog and waiting for the updates?
sorry disappointing you
each and everyone of us had grown up a bit older mature 
which means almost all of us no longer study, no longer having the same holiday, no longer hang out always where everyone of us can join
because when people grow old, they have these responsibilities
to work, to earn and of course to pay back the loan!! damn loan..
not forget also working hard for the expenses for trips, for food, for movies etc.
but of course baobaos' spirit never dies!!
baobao might have dinner together, lepak together, movie together, pasar malam together
not always but quite often

there's some activities going on almost every Friday nite 
where everybody shouting T.G.I.F, singing with katy perry perhaps, who knows!

time flies without waiting, today will become tomorrow's history
today's memories will only store in mind and heart but it will not fade away just like that because everything that happens today will determine who you are tomorrow
and tomorrow will create a new memory that will make you smile
friends are always be there for you
our friendship are very strong too because we got a HUGE ship that fit in all of us 

Sunday, January 22, 2012

Gong Xi Fatt Chai

dear all..
is been while we didnt post or jot down words here dy
and once a while we hav2 update it..
is CNY eve which means another year our friendship grow
hmm..not very sure how many years baobao had established some company haha..
anyway, these few years many things happened on each and every baobao
we got new baobao too and we always have fun during outings
and we never get bored..
some having tough time too but of course our friendship is super strong enough like uhu glue
stick with each other even having tough time and that is the time need companion here we are

together we had gone through year 2011
now we are going to year 2012
hope all will be stick together still as strong as uhu glue
wish there is more and more updates and also outing

Thursday, September 15, 2011

Animated Jump Shot ♥

i dunno why it only will be an animated pic when it's in its original size.
so if you want to see the full picture then click onto those pics la.

Wednesday, August 17, 2011

Happy Bday!!

Birthday Present had been a while..
erm..not a while is many whileS haha
been long time this blog had no update!! a small update for everybody

previously leon and json keep asking money around..
and here they got themselves a present from the money they collected ^^
both them bought a pair of shoe!!!

now left kerwei havent get herself a present..
so we'll just wait and see what she buy
and those havent pay them..
please do so =)

Saturday, July 2, 2011


we got 2 new members~~

we had recruited

Daphinn...Tommy's gf..


Ling..erm..secondary schoolmates..and I think we all of us know each other since form2.. a member..
I dont know why ml say pay rm300 wo..
no idea..haha..

join the warm
and the craziness
and the wu liao-ness
and also becoming the king&queen spam
oh..enjoy those jokes too =)

Milk Milk

100% Pure Milk 100% Natural Milk 100% Fresh Milk

haha..this is a bottle of not..bottle of money
dear baobaozz...please remember to ask where is the bottle
like a baby baobao craving for milk milk whenever u get in the baobao specialty transportation

u can put how much inside the bottle
at least put some la..
initial money is rm5 for each bottle..and there's 2 bottles..
1 in ADN -bla bla bla- and 1 in -bla bla bla- 6733
whoever havent make the payment please do so =)

this blog will survive...
'I will survive'

Wednesday, May 18, 2011


Hi to all the baobaozz!
Seems like we are going to have a BIG reunion soon!
Our cute Veron & sporty SimYi are going to return to their homeland!
Welcome back! muuaaks! ^^

remember me??? :P